Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

little red

My friend Sam sent me some wonderfully cheeky photos of her daughter lulu. This one has to be my favourite, I couldn't resit adding a little story time background to go with her serious little red riding hood attitude.

Friday, September 08, 2006

a perfect match - day 7

ok I am completely over my 7 day flower blog challenge. Its been hard to think of spring when the sky is the color of concrete, pah to that! Today's image is from my favourite shirt dress that I brought in Byron Bay. A pattern of flowers, fruits, cherry blossoms and brightly coloured shapes that matches a bag my mum made from vintage silk kimonos I brought in Tokyo :)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

flowers, flowers, flowers - day 6

a little reflection on our wedding day, 4 months already... Wow! its gone by quickly. I still haven't really done anything with the photos but here is one of my bouquet - tulips, black berries, silver foliage, hyacinths & lisianthus. Like the whole day, loved it !

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

a flower - part 5

ok so this is not my best effort but here it is. ..Today's flower for my blog challenge, an oil pastel drawing that is actually a small part of a larger piece I did a long way back.

The only other thing on my mind is this damn weather... I sound like a broken record but what happened to spring? Lucky I didn't put the electric blanket away!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

roses are red

and the sky is blue, or if not blue perhaps a little grey, cloudy and rainy. Either way a boy with 30 long stemmed roses is always a welcome sight and these beautiful flowers where a present from my hubby a little while back and didnt I feel that little bit extra special that day :)

Monday, September 04, 2006

illustration friday - safe

Betsy the pug felt safe in the paws of her top dog acrobat troop and she just loved her new pink leotard with matching floral fur piece.

This weeks illo friday theme was safe, not sure I would feel quite so safe in this situation but then I am not a circus pug! I even managed to get my silly flower blog challenge into the illo.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Gus TV

Today slipped back into winter again, which is not surprising in Melbourne, ho hum. Not to let the cold weather get me down I ventured out with some friends to ACMI at Federation square and checked out the TV50 exhibition.

A look at the past 50 years in Australian television, complete with the largest tv screen gallery, classic clips, and memorabilia. How could we forget classic Australian TV such as Skippy the bush kangaroo, Perfect Match and one of my childhood fav’s Mr Squiggle. Mr Squiggle was a long running children's program on the abc that had a number of wonderful characters including a grumpy talking blackboard who was often heard mumbling “Hu-rry u-p, hu-rry u-p"”, Bill Steamshovel who told silly jokes, Gus the snail and of course Mr Squiggle. The main character, Mr Squiggle, lived on the moon and visited his friends in his flying rocket (named Rocket). He used his pencil nose to turn viewers squiggles into drawings, the man behind Mr Squiggle drew via the puppet strings upside down. Now I didnt do this upside down but I did make an illo of Gus the snail with his little TV and flower pot on top. An image for a grey gloomy spring day that would have been perfect for lazing in front of a tv or two! This wall of tvs adds a whole new meaning to 57 channels and nothing's on.

As a quick side note last night we ate at the Schoolhouse café in Brighton, a fantastic new venue that I shall be visiting on a regular basis. If your ever in the area stop in for a coffee, meal or a drink at this funky bar/restaurant.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

hello spring

Spring has most definitely sprung. To mark the new season I have decided to change my blog address, the initial name was chosen from a birthday card I received with a delicious poem by Edward Monkton, My Chocolate Kingdom. Many of you may have seen his work, I love the whimsical non nonsensical nature of his poems and line drawings. I recently gave my hubby a little book of love notes by Edward Monkton. Here is one my favourites from the book.

” I Love, Respect, Cherish and Admire you for being the FREE and BEAUTIFUL and WONDERFUL Human Being that your are *... *except for when you’re being REALLY ANNOYING”.
Edward Monkton

Anyway, it seemed fitting for my blog to have a new name, so from now on it will be mi and mu.

To welcome in mi and mu and spring I have given myself a little blogging challenge. I will post a photo/sketch of a flower or springtime image each day for the next week. Not a very difficult challenge I know, but thats it!

So here goes... A few snaps I took this morning on the way home from our weekly shop at the Prahran market.

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