Saturday, September 02, 2006

hello spring

Spring has most definitely sprung. To mark the new season I have decided to change my blog address, the initial name was chosen from a birthday card I received with a delicious poem by Edward Monkton, My Chocolate Kingdom. Many of you may have seen his work, I love the whimsical non nonsensical nature of his poems and line drawings. I recently gave my hubby a little book of love notes by Edward Monkton. Here is one my favourites from the book.

” I Love, Respect, Cherish and Admire you for being the FREE and BEAUTIFUL and WONDERFUL Human Being that your are *... *except for when you’re being REALLY ANNOYING”.
Edward Monkton

Anyway, it seemed fitting for my blog to have a new name, so from now on it will be mi and mu.

To welcome in mi and mu and spring I have given myself a little blogging challenge. I will post a photo/sketch of a flower or springtime image each day for the next week. Not a very difficult challenge I know, but thats it!

So here goes... A few snaps I took this morning on the way home from our weekly shop at the Prahran market.

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