Thursday, August 31, 2006

ta ta winter

Today is the last day of winter and what a beautiful gorgeous day it is. I know that spring is nearly here because not only is the sun shining over the city but I feel like I have a ton of dust in my eyes. It has felt like such a long cold winter it is relief to see the end in sight. I swear it started getting cold back in April and although we havent had much rain there has been many a day when your winter woollies & then some where needed. To send off the cold weather here is a list of my favourite winter things.

hot chocolate
woolly socks
rain on the roof
crisp winter night air
polka dot umbrellas
long coats
sticky date pudding

big breakfast
big fluffy towels
hot showers
sunday dvds
electric blankets
ugg boots

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

adam and eve

Its been a while since my last blog. I was a bad girl over the weekend. A girls lunch turned into a very late night out at eve nightclub in South Melbourne. It is definitely harder to get over a night out as you get older (just don't tell anyone I am getting older). It was a fun night with lots of dancing and general club chit chat. Katie Underwood performed a few songs which added a nice interlude to the evening. I have had my fill of clubs, vodka and smoke for another few months but it was worth the sore head and tiredness.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

illustration friday - match take two

( click for biggie )
IF match 2. I decided to add some color to this weeks illo and post again :) I hope you enjoy my memory match game as much as I did.

Monday, August 21, 2006

illustration friday - match

( click for biggie )
One of my favourite pastimes as a child was memory, a simple game that involved 2 players flipping over 1 card at a time to find matching pairs. I used to love this game for the cute illustrations but mainly because I was the unbeaten memory champion in my family. So for this weeks IF I couldn’t resist recreating a winning snap shot of all my matching pairs!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Heartbreak hill

Its been 3 days since the city to surf and I can finally walk down stairs again! It was a lot harder than I thought, so many damn steep hills. An endless up down, up down, with a lot more up than down. Disco stayed by my side the whole time which was a blessing as I think I would have stopped or perhaps even collapsed. The only time I wanted to slap him was in the last 1 km when he said "I can see you have some left in you, come on lets make under 75mins!" If I did have "any left in me" I would certainly have taken a swipe at his very much composed self. Needless to say we finished 7324th over the line with a time of 75:33, which is not half bad considering there was over 63,000 entrants and the first time I had run this far before was on July 29th! I feel quite proud of our little achievement and I am looking forward to a much faster time on the flat ground in the Melbourne half marathon.

Friday, August 11, 2006

illustration friday - capture

Last minute inspiration. Keeping up with my mid year christmas theme for a very late IF post.

time to run & fly

Disco and I are off to Sydney tonight for the City to Surf. I am really looking forward to the short break, its been a tough week for no apparent reason. I am putting it down to the full moon playing havoc with my emotions! Lucky we have Cadbury to help settle the nerves. I definitely added to their profit margin this week with the consumption of chocolate bullets, a dairy milk block, old gold snack bar, chocolate truffles and of course a few natural confectionary jungle animals. No wonder my belly is getting bigger, nothing a 14km run wont fix (i hope!) ;)

No illustration Friday this week, as I have been too lazy and pathetic to pick up a pencil busy and choose not to participate this week. So I thought I'd post a cute photo instead!

My pet budgie noodle attempting to find out what time it is.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Running in a dream

Monday again.... Disco and I had a busy weekend, Cirque Éloize was a beautiful, graceful amusing show that featured elements from contemporary dance, theatre and of course circus. The performers skill was breathtaking & when combined with the costumes and multilayered backdrop provided a surreal dream like setting. I felt like I was watching a book come to life or wandering in someone else's dream complete with random characters and acts. It was a show I would definitely recommend. 8 out of 10.

Saturday we ran 15kms... its not getting any easier, in fact I felt tired the entire time. Although I must admit my legs and back are not as sore as the previous week. We followed the long run with some hills on Sunday, fingers crossed we are prepared enough for the City to Surf this coming weekend. Either way it will be a fun short break!

Speaking of running, I think its time to hit the pavement for a few kms along the Yarra .

Friday, August 04, 2006

Its raining flying men

The end of a fairly uneventful week is in sight, I am off to Crown Casino tonight to see Cirque Eloize - Rain. We are celebrating Sonya's Birthday and it will be nice to see some high flyin action and enjoy a few champagnes! Hopefully the rain stays at the show and we have the predicted sunny weather over the weekend, sunshine means I can wear my new suede green and silver heels. Keep your toes crossed!!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

clean 2 - illustration friday

I decided to revisit this weeks topic with a different take on clean, a digital image of a reindeer getting ready to go out. Nothing better than clean shiny teeth to match your red shiny nose.
Sorry for the repeat link in illo friday I made a mistake in the URL.. opps

School Café kitty

I recently had some great news from my brother, he is about to open a new restaurant in Brighton called the School House Cafe, its going to be a wine bar/cafe and I am really excited about it. The cafe is in an old church school house (hence the name) and is a beautiful old blue stone building with a lovely lawn out the front. Perfect for breakfast on a sunny day or for a glass of wine with friends. I will keep you posted on how he is going and hopefully share some of the delicious food he is sure to serve up. He is pretty darn handy in the kitchen and I never turn down a offer of a meal cooked at his place. Last time I visited I got to meet the new addition to their family, Loca the kitty. She is such a cute crazy little ball of fluff that the name is a perfect fit.


Is hair removal a taboo topic....I had my 5th IPL hair removal session last night at everyoung in Port Melbourne. Its run by my friend Sarah, she does a wonderful job and I always look forward to our post treatment dinner usually at the George in St Kilda. Its a great place for wine and a casual bite, my favourite dish is the popular George Calamari. Personally I think its up there with the best calamari you can get in Melbourne, especially delicious when combined with a glass of Riesling... it also helps me forget the post treatment heat!
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