Friday, June 30, 2006

giddy up

just got back from lunch with brother b, aka the taste maker ;), from straight up radio. If anyone is looking for a great online streaming radio look no further than straight up. A mix of local and international talent run by peoples who loves what they do.

Only a few hours left in the work week, its been a bit slow but I have managed to get some good feedback on a concept for a new client. Finally a job I actually have an interest in, it makes such a difference!

It seems we have another busy weekend planned, its off to the races at Flemington tomorrow for a little bit of giddy up and bubbles, followed by more drinks at a surprise 60th and hopefully followed by a sleepy Sunday. Til then....

A ring a ding ding

Yesterday I was inspired by a comment left by Rrramone on how not to lose earrings, so I decided to put it to paper. The resulting image has left poor Brenda with a constant ringing in her ears! I think we might have to come up with another solution ;)

Thank goodness it's not (do)'nut' Friday today. I think I have consumed so much sugar I am going to have to open the top button on my jeans, which is probably strictly speaking, not the most appropriate thing to do at work. And just a passing note to my friends, "NO" the expanding waistline does not mean I am pregnant, its just a sign of too many cakes, lollies, chocolate and wine. I am such a sucker for pretty green things like this apple cake I just ate from smxl!

And don't forget today is red nose day a great way to support SIDS, kids and a wonderful excuse to don a red nose. ( as seen here by my co-worker ;)

Thursday, June 29, 2006

One ear bandit and a summer breeze

I feel like I keep losing things at the moment. I have lost so many earrings since the start of winter that I have given up wearing them altogether. The problem seems to be directly related to scarf wearing and shoulder hunching. It's so annoying, I now have a whole bunch of single earrings. Maybe its time to start a new trend, either that or sell them on ebay.

This day seems especially long, I am rather bored and a little tired. It may have something to do with the bottle of wine I consumed and the late night but my eyes feel all sticky. Oh well, Disco just sent me the cutest photo of one of his clients dog. Mochi is such a cutie I couldn't resit posting the pic, it makes me dream of spring.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

rain drops - illustration friday

my first attempt at illustration friday ... this week's theme is "Rain". Noodle thanks flying umbrellas!

Red Vue

Just got back from a lovely lunch with my friend za at a new cafe in Little Collins Street, Cafe Vue. This little jem is the new lunch time dining experience for Shannon Bennett from Vue de Monde. It is filled with bright red objects and has a great selection of delicious snacks, soups, sandwishes and cakes. I had a yummy tuna and egg mayo toasted sandwich with a naughty Wednesday glass of wine. A very nice way to chat about our new little business venture. Za and I are working on an idea that has been in the back of our minds and our hearts for a while. I can't wait to post more information, but it will have to wait until we have a few more of the details resolved. Until then here is a decidedly red vue.

I couldn't resit adding a photo of za's new boots. They look so comfy and ooooh so cute.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

who's looking at blue?

:: Blue Bird
Here is one little guy that brings a smile to my face, my pet budgie, noodle. Noodle has been part of the family for 7 years and is a unique little character. For such a little guy he plays such a big role in our lives and provides endless hours of company and joy. His favourite pastimes include running up and down the bench, flying around the apartment, eating paper, general cuteness, eating anything he can and pooping everywhere!!! He follows me most places including the shower and even though he gets loads of exercise he still can't seem to beat his little blue belly bulge.

Monday, June 26, 2006

day 7

well we made it... 7 days of running with only a slight hiccup. Disco dragged me around the tan after our usual Saturday morning boxing session to make up for missing our Thursday run. I may have wanted to punch him for this but considering we only have 7 weeks to the City to surf it was needed. I just printed the training schedule from the website...oh my gawd how am I ever going to run for 90mins!!!

To distract me from this journey I couldn't resist jumping onto the color wagon one last time. Why stop when I have only just began. I always seem to arrive late and enviably am the last to leave. It's such a nice idea...

:: Yellow

This image is courtesy of some beautiful flowers I received from my yoga instructors. They are such a cute couple and whatever the color orchids are stunning.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Happy and Content

10/10 for Disco and the Lamb. You have truly outdone yourself! and it looks pretty darn close to the original. I feel extremely full and more than a little content. Its hard to believe we managed to squeeze in a few cubes of melt in your mouth Lindt Lindor chocolate after such a wonderful meal. Then again I think there is always room for a cube or two of Lindor.

Lamb Roast, Nicole Kidman and a lazy Sunday

I love Sundays... Has to be best day of the week (didn't I say that about Friday?). Lazy mornings followed by lazy afternoons. The only problem is that they go by so quickly. I met some girlfriends last night at Hoo Haas in Chapel Street and after a few bottles of vino our conversation ended up at the topic many of us contemplate... With most of my friends hitting 30+ its a popular topic. The question last night “if you could flick a switch would you choose to be 25 again?” I think we all agreed that no we wouldn’t, but hey a little bit more time or a pause button would be great.

This is how I feel about weekends and especially Sundays, morning quickly turns to afternoon which turns to evening and before you know it’s night time. Pretty much how life has been for a while now, blink and you miss it. Now is this a phenomenon of age or has it always been like this? My mum has commented on many occasions that the years go by quicker as we get older. Maybe time doesn’t change speed but I know we do.

Is it possible to stand still but not let life pass you by?

Two people not letting life pass them by today is Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. The biggest celebrity wedding of the year (in Sydney anyhow) has just taken place in Manly. Love her or hate her, one thing you will be unable to do over the next week is ignore them. Get ready for the media onslaught of 'Our Nic' marrying into the Urban clan. My thoughts may have something to do with walking down the aisle less than 2 months back and still living in the honeymoon bubble but I think its wonderful. Whatever the reason I wish them the best of luck and happiness.

Speaking of happiness, my gorgeous husband is cooking up a feast tonight - Braised Lamb with white wine, anchovies, garlic, pancetta and chickpeas. Sounds amazing and looks pretty good. It been a whole day extravaganza starting with a morning trip to the market, chopping, washing, marinating and cooking (note to self "clean the oven more than once a year!"). I am sure whatever the outcome it will be delicious. Lets see if the end result compares with the recipe photo. I bet Nicole would turn down a date with Tom Cruise for this lamb roast, then again she'd probably turn down insane Tom whether “mum was cooking a lamb roast” or not.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Under the BIG top with Circus Oz

Friday night we went to see Circus Oz at Birrarung Marr. An unconventional circus filled with raunchy chicks, rock 'n' roll, grit and a political conscience. A show with something for everyone, a singing stuntman, acrobats, BMX bandit tricks with mullet attitude, a pvc clad pink lemonade drinking, selling, singing Christa Hughes from machine gun fellatio and high wire school yard antics. Overall a fun entertaining night under the big top!

A night at the circus wouldn't be complete without the enchantment of the fairy floss stall. Pink fluffy sugar on a stick, a combination impossible to ignore. Thankfully for my stomach I did manage to walk past this delicious treat but I couldn't resist taking a pic of the man in charge of the fairy floss wand. Love the flags and a bargain at only $3.00!

Friday, June 23, 2006

a week in color

I am a little late for color week but thought I'd give it a go anyhoo.... Last June we went to Europe for a summer holiday. We visited some beautiful places and spent one glorious week in Paris. These photos where taken while walking the streets of that wondrous city.

White Monday :: Brown Tuesday :: Black/Gray Wednesday :: Blue Thursday :: Red Friday ::

the donut and the hole

Not only is it my favourite day of the week but it's also donut morning. What better way to start the day then with coffee, a chocolate donut and that oh so puzzling conundrum - what comes first...the donut or the hole?

Melbourne has actually gone donut mad at the moment. After much hype Krispy Kreme has finally opened its first Victorian store in Narre Warren, apparently there was a 1km queue for a donut! Don't get me wrong, love the donut, but queuing for over an hour kinda takes the fun out of the sugary beast.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Dark Chocolate Heaven

I have decided that since my blog is titled 'My Chocolate Kingdom' with a nod to the interesting thoughts of edward monkton I should incorporate a little bit of a chocolate heaven into my musings. Lets start things off with an oldie but a goodie..... Currently I am lovin' cadbury old gold dark in the handy 250gm block. Old Gold has always been a favourite with the older generation, now I am loathe to admit it has crept into my lunchbox. I don't know if its an age thing, a taste bud thing or a growing obsession with chocolate but old gold has definitely grown on me. It might just be the rich, dark smooth bitter taste or the fact that I can guarantee that anyone under the age of 25 will spit it out in disgust. Which was exactly the ploy my own mother engaged to her advantage when I was a wee lass (deep down I still don't believe she liked it). So here's to getting older and eating all the old gold yourself !

7 day challenge

Melbourne winter has officially settled in. I actually quite like the colder weather, it means snuggling with your loved ones, snow on the mountains and more cakes in your belly. May & June is a time for over eating and relaxing in a normally hectic year, my annual winter tummy has grown and as June looks to July it is time to hit the pavement again. Today is day five in my new 7 day running cycle, the kick start to my winter fitness program and preparation for the Sydney city to surf in 51 days, 22 hours, 37 minutes, 35 seconds (give or take). Although I like the colder weather running in winter is not so much fun. It's a struggle to drag yourself out into the crisp cold night air and push yourself and those extra kilos around the running track. My running partner and I set a slow pace last night but slow is better than not at all. Hopefully by day 7 my running fitness will have returned and we can pick up the pace and hit those hills ready for Sydney.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Winter Solstice

As the sun sets on the shortest day of the year we hit the ultimate double hump - Wednesday meets winter solstice. A perfect evening for dreaming of sunshine, beaches and cocktails before the harsh reality of cold winter nights & freezing dark mornings sets in. At least we have fluffy uggs and hot chocolate to warm our frosty feet.

Chick Flic

My friend Jodie is coming over tonight for some yummy food, a glass of vino, and a bit of chit chat while we watch one of my favs Pride & Prejudice. Nothing like a bit of girlfriend bonding to pull you out of the midweek slump.

A few things

where to start? the best place is at the beginning...

I decided to write a blog because I was beginning to feel suffocated in my life, in my job, in my creativity (or lack of) and a little bit down. I have no real reason to be unhappy, if I write down a list I really do have a pretty darn good life.

So here they are, a few good (great) things...
my husband, my pet budgie, my family, chocolate, my friends, a morning coffee, yoga, sunshine, running, fog, puppies, pjs, mangoes, dancing, laughter.

Lists are wonderful. I feel better already :)
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