Sunday, July 30, 2006

clean - illustration friday

LUX washing detergent, helping women everywhere keep their dishes squeaky clean! A look at advertising for the modern housewife. Give me a dishwasher over dish pan hands any day.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

in training

Disco and I went for a 14km run this morning!!!! That is officially the longest run I have done in my life. Felt pretty good until I twisted my ankle at around 12kms, nothing major just running on tired legs. We finished in 75mins, we didn't push ourselves too hard and hopefully will be able to shave another 5 mins more off our time. I am sure Disco could do that very easily, me on the other hand, well we shall just have to see. The real pain comes the next day, with tired muscles and general all round sleepiness. Its only 2 weeks to the city to surf so I guess there is no time to rest yet!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Opposites - illustration Friday

Its almost Friday again, but I managed to finish a little illo for this weeks topic (just). I think I must of tossed around a million ideas and my typical Gemini mind which is full of opposites and often the cause of many an indecision chased its tail and ended up with a resolution in the form of 2 puppies. One white, one black, one night, one day, like so many of us different in many ways but inherently the same and ready for some fun and games :)

Monday, July 24, 2006

dvd dust buster

Not much on the weekend, a few dinners, running, DVDs, relaxing, eating, snuggling on couch! perfect really :) We also brought a new DVD player, who knew they where soooo cheap cheap!! If only we had worked this out sooner we could have saved ourselves countless minutes and calmed many a dvd storm. I can assure you no amount of rubbing on the carpet/your shirt/couch or general dvd tantrum throwing will make the damn rental dvd play, do yourself and your loved ones a favour go out and buy a new one.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

chocolate confessions

Its been a while since my last chocolate post , I can’t believe its Sunday already! And yes I have sinned. Last night I ate nearly an entire block of Lindor dark. The soft smooth melt in your mouth cubes were worth every bite. The punisher (Disco) made me repent this morning with a 12 km run!!! Jeez what a meanie.

Where has the week gone? I have been busy with a freelance job during the week, still a lot of work to be done but getting closer to the end of this most tiresome job. I would much rather be spending the time sketching, painting, or just plain sleeping. Although this week’s topic for illustration Friday is proving rather difficult.

Disco and I are off to an engagement party this afternoon, it seems that love is in the air. Our friends are getting engaged, married and popping out kids left right and center. Someone must have put something in the water, that or we are all ready for white picket fences. I would settle for a little backyard and a puppy, although not sure how noodle would feel about the competition.

Monday, July 10, 2006

skyline - illustration friday

A quick sketch this week. Birds on a wire; a moving, flying, tweating skyline.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

2 foodies

Sunday night and what a satisfying culinary weekend. It all began with the perfect roast chicky and chips cooked by my hubby on Friday night. He has been outstanding in the kitchen of late and I have been enjoying the spoils immensely.

Saturday morning we had breakfast at Palette in greville st, scrambled eggs, bacon and avocado on toast with a strong latte. What better way to start the day! We couldn’t resist a takeaway raspberry and white chocolate muffin for our afternoon tea.

That evening we enjoyed a meal with our good friends at VIN. I began with salt & pepper quail, followed by red duck curry which was divine until I got to the third piece, tough chewy dry yucky no. 3! What a shame :( Desert luckily made up for this disappointment, Disco was too busy yapping too notice I had eaten the entire quince crumble! The sweet toffee caramelised taste was a melt in your mouth sensation. Overall rating of 6/10. A few deductions for mediocre service and chewy duck!

Sunday we woke late and headed to St Yarra for a 2 lap run around the tan. With only 5 weeks to the city to surf we felt real pain on our second lap, Anderson hill is tortuous enough but heartbreak hill in Sydney will definitely result in tears unless we get some serious running legs! Not to feel too discouraged we headed to South Melbourne for a boozy lunch at Lamaro's. If only every Sunday could be so nice, a sumptuous 3 course lunch with good friends, including Mr Stinky (no names!) I had the beetroot and goats cheese salad, snapper with pesto and walnuts and saving the best for last chocolate fondant with liquorice ice-cream. This is definitely a place to revisit, great company, great staff, great food, great wines. A rating of 8/10 on all accounts!

Before we left we posed in front of Lamaro's ala Rick Stein. :)

Anyone would think this was where the consumption of food stops but alas in a boozy haze Disco and I managed to squeeze in a slice or two of greasy pizza....if only we hadn't!

Friday, July 07, 2006

slow morning

I am sitting at my messy desk at home this morning, it seems we still don't have power in the new office yet! Hopefully in a few hours it will be sorted, in the meantime what I should be doing is cleaning my home office space. It looks like some sort of bomb has exploded, I probably need to buy a new bookshelf. Oh well :)

Last night's dinner was very nice, my brother cooked salmon on a bed of crisp potatoes with fresh asparagus, drizzled with a hollandaise sauce and one or two glasses of wine. By all accounts a good meal. They have the cutest little kitten, loca, she is a black fluffy sweet thing that like most kittens loves to bounce around the room at a million miles an hour. It also seems that the painting was a success and after much meausring of wall space and quite a bit of giggling we even managed to hang it in the perfect spot.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

yoga and wedding bliss

What a great combination for happiness...My yoga school has started again this week, it feels wonderful to be back :) I have been going to classes for over 3 years now at yoga arts academy in Melbourne. Yoga Arts teaches the principles of Sakshin Ghatashta Yoga, which has its roots in classical Hatha Yoga and the disciplines developed by the ancient Tantric masters of India, Tibet and China.

I wish I could practise more often but I find the 6am starts tough to deal with while working full-time. 3 mornings a week is enough of a struggle especially when its dark, cold and rainy like this morning. Can't wait for the warmer weather so I can ride my bike to work again.

Tonight I am off to my brothers new place for dinner. He moved in a few weeks back with his girlfriend, who is such a lovely girl :) We are taking the painting down that I finished the other day, fingers crossed it’s a good fit.

Today is also our 2 month wedding anniversary!!! Yah! I love being married. Kisses to my hubby xx

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July

Today was a busy one in the design studio. We are curretnly in the process of getting new desks so the team moved all our computers to the empty floor below, then moved back to the 8th floor in the late afternoon to find we have no power, to move back down to the 7th floor. I think we all may have got a little dizzy!

On the home front I finally managed to finish a painting for my brother, its been a very long time coming and has changed several times. Hopefully he likes it :)


Monday, July 03, 2006

sticky - illustration friday

A sticky kiss... no matter what they did their lips remained stuck together


the bubble

another week already. I can't believe Disco and I have been back from our honeymoon for over 5 weeks! Our wedding seems like it was ages ago. We are almost at our 2 month anniversary, very bizarre from someone who never thought she'd get married. Married life I must say, is wonderful :) We are still living in the honeymoon bubble and hopefully will be for many more months/years to come.

We had a nice weekend even though the weather was horrible. Cold, wet and windy! Not the best for a day at the races but fun nonetheless. Yesterday I even managed to do some painting on a very overdue present and started our wedding thank you cards, miracles will never cease!

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