Sunday, September 03, 2006

Gus TV

Today slipped back into winter again, which is not surprising in Melbourne, ho hum. Not to let the cold weather get me down I ventured out with some friends to ACMI at Federation square and checked out the TV50 exhibition.

A look at the past 50 years in Australian television, complete with the largest tv screen gallery, classic clips, and memorabilia. How could we forget classic Australian TV such as Skippy the bush kangaroo, Perfect Match and one of my childhood fav’s Mr Squiggle. Mr Squiggle was a long running children's program on the abc that had a number of wonderful characters including a grumpy talking blackboard who was often heard mumbling “Hu-rry u-p, hu-rry u-p"”, Bill Steamshovel who told silly jokes, Gus the snail and of course Mr Squiggle. The main character, Mr Squiggle, lived on the moon and visited his friends in his flying rocket (named Rocket). He used his pencil nose to turn viewers squiggles into drawings, the man behind Mr Squiggle drew via the puppet strings upside down. Now I didnt do this upside down but I did make an illo of Gus the snail with his little TV and flower pot on top. An image for a grey gloomy spring day that would have been perfect for lazing in front of a tv or two! This wall of tvs adds a whole new meaning to 57 channels and nothing's on.

As a quick side note last night we ate at the Schoolhouse café in Brighton, a fantastic new venue that I shall be visiting on a regular basis. If your ever in the area stop in for a coffee, meal or a drink at this funky bar/restaurant.
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