Sunday, July 09, 2006

2 foodies

Sunday night and what a satisfying culinary weekend. It all began with the perfect roast chicky and chips cooked by my hubby on Friday night. He has been outstanding in the kitchen of late and I have been enjoying the spoils immensely.

Saturday morning we had breakfast at Palette in greville st, scrambled eggs, bacon and avocado on toast with a strong latte. What better way to start the day! We couldn’t resist a takeaway raspberry and white chocolate muffin for our afternoon tea.

That evening we enjoyed a meal with our good friends at VIN. I began with salt & pepper quail, followed by red duck curry which was divine until I got to the third piece, tough chewy dry yucky no. 3! What a shame :( Desert luckily made up for this disappointment, Disco was too busy yapping too notice I had eaten the entire quince crumble! The sweet toffee caramelised taste was a melt in your mouth sensation. Overall rating of 6/10. A few deductions for mediocre service and chewy duck!

Sunday we woke late and headed to St Yarra for a 2 lap run around the tan. With only 5 weeks to the city to surf we felt real pain on our second lap, Anderson hill is tortuous enough but heartbreak hill in Sydney will definitely result in tears unless we get some serious running legs! Not to feel too discouraged we headed to South Melbourne for a boozy lunch at Lamaro's. If only every Sunday could be so nice, a sumptuous 3 course lunch with good friends, including Mr Stinky (no names!) I had the beetroot and goats cheese salad, snapper with pesto and walnuts and saving the best for last chocolate fondant with liquorice ice-cream. This is definitely a place to revisit, great company, great staff, great food, great wines. A rating of 8/10 on all accounts!

Before we left we posed in front of Lamaro's ala Rick Stein. :)

Anyone would think this was where the consumption of food stops but alas in a boozy haze Disco and I managed to squeeze in a slice or two of greasy pizza....if only we hadn't!
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