Thursday, July 06, 2006

yoga and wedding bliss

What a great combination for happiness...My yoga school has started again this week, it feels wonderful to be back :) I have been going to classes for over 3 years now at yoga arts academy in Melbourne. Yoga Arts teaches the principles of Sakshin Ghatashta Yoga, which has its roots in classical Hatha Yoga and the disciplines developed by the ancient Tantric masters of India, Tibet and China.

I wish I could practise more often but I find the 6am starts tough to deal with while working full-time. 3 mornings a week is enough of a struggle especially when its dark, cold and rainy like this morning. Can't wait for the warmer weather so I can ride my bike to work again.

Tonight I am off to my brothers new place for dinner. He moved in a few weeks back with his girlfriend, who is such a lovely girl :) We are taking the painting down that I finished the other day, fingers crossed it’s a good fit.

Today is also our 2 month wedding anniversary!!! Yah! I love being married. Kisses to my hubby xx
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