Friday, July 07, 2006

slow morning

I am sitting at my messy desk at home this morning, it seems we still don't have power in the new office yet! Hopefully in a few hours it will be sorted, in the meantime what I should be doing is cleaning my home office space. It looks like some sort of bomb has exploded, I probably need to buy a new bookshelf. Oh well :)

Last night's dinner was very nice, my brother cooked salmon on a bed of crisp potatoes with fresh asparagus, drizzled with a hollandaise sauce and one or two glasses of wine. By all accounts a good meal. They have the cutest little kitten, loca, she is a black fluffy sweet thing that like most kittens loves to bounce around the room at a million miles an hour. It also seems that the painting was a success and after much meausring of wall space and quite a bit of giggling we even managed to hang it in the perfect spot.
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