Monday, August 07, 2006

Running in a dream

Monday again.... Disco and I had a busy weekend, Cirque Éloize was a beautiful, graceful amusing show that featured elements from contemporary dance, theatre and of course circus. The performers skill was breathtaking & when combined with the costumes and multilayered backdrop provided a surreal dream like setting. I felt like I was watching a book come to life or wandering in someone else's dream complete with random characters and acts. It was a show I would definitely recommend. 8 out of 10.

Saturday we ran 15kms... its not getting any easier, in fact I felt tired the entire time. Although I must admit my legs and back are not as sore as the previous week. We followed the long run with some hills on Sunday, fingers crossed we are prepared enough for the City to Surf this coming weekend. Either way it will be a fun short break!

Speaking of running, I think its time to hit the pavement for a few kms along the Yarra .
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