Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Heartbreak hill

Its been 3 days since the city to surf and I can finally walk down stairs again! It was a lot harder than I thought, so many damn steep hills. An endless up down, up down, with a lot more up than down. Disco stayed by my side the whole time which was a blessing as I think I would have stopped or perhaps even collapsed. The only time I wanted to slap him was in the last 1 km when he said "I can see you have some left in you, come on lets make under 75mins!" If I did have "any left in me" I would certainly have taken a swipe at his very much composed self. Needless to say we finished 7324th over the line with a time of 75:33, which is not half bad considering there was over 63,000 entrants and the first time I had run this far before was on July 29th! I feel quite proud of our little achievement and I am looking forward to a much faster time on the flat ground in the Melbourne half marathon.
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