Friday, August 11, 2006

time to run & fly

Disco and I are off to Sydney tonight for the City to Surf. I am really looking forward to the short break, its been a tough week for no apparent reason. I am putting it down to the full moon playing havoc with my emotions! Lucky we have Cadbury to help settle the nerves. I definitely added to their profit margin this week with the consumption of chocolate bullets, a dairy milk block, old gold snack bar, chocolate truffles and of course a few natural confectionary jungle animals. No wonder my belly is getting bigger, nothing a 14km run wont fix (i hope!) ;)

No illustration Friday this week, as I have been too lazy and pathetic to pick up a pencil busy and choose not to participate this week. So I thought I'd post a cute photo instead!

My pet budgie noodle attempting to find out what time it is.
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