Thursday, June 22, 2006

Dark Chocolate Heaven

I have decided that since my blog is titled 'My Chocolate Kingdom' with a nod to the interesting thoughts of edward monkton I should incorporate a little bit of a chocolate heaven into my musings. Lets start things off with an oldie but a goodie..... Currently I am lovin' cadbury old gold dark in the handy 250gm block. Old Gold has always been a favourite with the older generation, now I am loathe to admit it has crept into my lunchbox. I don't know if its an age thing, a taste bud thing or a growing obsession with chocolate but old gold has definitely grown on me. It might just be the rich, dark smooth bitter taste or the fact that I can guarantee that anyone under the age of 25 will spit it out in disgust. Which was exactly the ploy my own mother engaged to her advantage when I was a wee lass (deep down I still don't believe she liked it). So here's to getting older and eating all the old gold yourself !
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