Saturday, June 24, 2006

Under the BIG top with Circus Oz

Friday night we went to see Circus Oz at Birrarung Marr. An unconventional circus filled with raunchy chicks, rock 'n' roll, grit and a political conscience. A show with something for everyone, a singing stuntman, acrobats, BMX bandit tricks with mullet attitude, a pvc clad pink lemonade drinking, selling, singing Christa Hughes from machine gun fellatio and high wire school yard antics. Overall a fun entertaining night under the big top!

A night at the circus wouldn't be complete without the enchantment of the fairy floss stall. Pink fluffy sugar on a stick, a combination impossible to ignore. Thankfully for my stomach I did manage to walk past this delicious treat but I couldn't resist taking a pic of the man in charge of the fairy floss wand. Love the flags and a bargain at only $3.00!
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