Sunday, June 25, 2006

Lamb Roast, Nicole Kidman and a lazy Sunday

I love Sundays... Has to be best day of the week (didn't I say that about Friday?). Lazy mornings followed by lazy afternoons. The only problem is that they go by so quickly. I met some girlfriends last night at Hoo Haas in Chapel Street and after a few bottles of vino our conversation ended up at the topic many of us contemplate... With most of my friends hitting 30+ its a popular topic. The question last night “if you could flick a switch would you choose to be 25 again?” I think we all agreed that no we wouldn’t, but hey a little bit more time or a pause button would be great.

This is how I feel about weekends and especially Sundays, morning quickly turns to afternoon which turns to evening and before you know it’s night time. Pretty much how life has been for a while now, blink and you miss it. Now is this a phenomenon of age or has it always been like this? My mum has commented on many occasions that the years go by quicker as we get older. Maybe time doesn’t change speed but I know we do.

Is it possible to stand still but not let life pass you by?

Two people not letting life pass them by today is Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. The biggest celebrity wedding of the year (in Sydney anyhow) has just taken place in Manly. Love her or hate her, one thing you will be unable to do over the next week is ignore them. Get ready for the media onslaught of 'Our Nic' marrying into the Urban clan. My thoughts may have something to do with walking down the aisle less than 2 months back and still living in the honeymoon bubble but I think its wonderful. Whatever the reason I wish them the best of luck and happiness.

Speaking of happiness, my gorgeous husband is cooking up a feast tonight - Braised Lamb with white wine, anchovies, garlic, pancetta and chickpeas. Sounds amazing and looks pretty good. It been a whole day extravaganza starting with a morning trip to the market, chopping, washing, marinating and cooking (note to self "clean the oven more than once a year!"). I am sure whatever the outcome it will be delicious. Lets see if the end result compares with the recipe photo. I bet Nicole would turn down a date with Tom Cruise for this lamb roast, then again she'd probably turn down insane Tom whether “mum was cooking a lamb roast” or not.
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