Friday, June 30, 2006

A ring a ding ding

Yesterday I was inspired by a comment left by Rrramone on how not to lose earrings, so I decided to put it to paper. The resulting image has left poor Brenda with a constant ringing in her ears! I think we might have to come up with another solution ;)

Thank goodness it's not (do)'nut' Friday today. I think I have consumed so much sugar I am going to have to open the top button on my jeans, which is probably strictly speaking, not the most appropriate thing to do at work. And just a passing note to my friends, "NO" the expanding waistline does not mean I am pregnant, its just a sign of too many cakes, lollies, chocolate and wine. I am such a sucker for pretty green things like this apple cake I just ate from smxl!

And don't forget today is red nose day a great way to support SIDS, kids and a wonderful excuse to don a red nose. ( as seen here by my co-worker ;)
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