Thursday, June 22, 2006

7 day challenge

Melbourne winter has officially settled in. I actually quite like the colder weather, it means snuggling with your loved ones, snow on the mountains and more cakes in your belly. May & June is a time for over eating and relaxing in a normally hectic year, my annual winter tummy has grown and as June looks to July it is time to hit the pavement again. Today is day five in my new 7 day running cycle, the kick start to my winter fitness program and preparation for the Sydney city to surf in 51 days, 22 hours, 37 minutes, 35 seconds (give or take). Although I like the colder weather running in winter is not so much fun. It's a struggle to drag yourself out into the crisp cold night air and push yourself and those extra kilos around the running track. My running partner and I set a slow pace last night but slow is better than not at all. Hopefully by day 7 my running fitness will have returned and we can pick up the pace and hit those hills ready for Sydney.
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